About Weaving Little Life and its Weaver

Hey there! Since I feel associated with you for quite some time now, I thought of sharing the following with you.

I am Gagan Deep (the weaver) born and brought up in India, happily living in the Netherlands with my family. I am mom to an energetic little boy who is now 19 months old . By profession, I am an entrepreneur working 3 days a week in the marketing field, I love to convert simple things to beautiful and attractive. For me, blogging is a method with which I can share my tried and tested tricks, which I am using with my little boy so that other moms can get practical ideas. 

What is Weaving Little Life about?

WLL is about the experiences and journey of a mother, who is enthusiastic about mindful parenting, healthy lifestyle, child-friendly traveling, & her own fitness and happiness. Being a parent is rewarding but at the same time, it is full of responsibilities that come with a hand full of surprises. There is no definition of a perfect mom, but there are thousands of things one can do to become a good mom. Most importantly, I am a strong believer of “LIVE AND LET LIVE“. A healthy and happy mom can do a lot with her children. 

To be honest I am not a professional child psychologist, yoga teacher, art and craft teacher, nutritionist or a traveler. I have learned from my own experiences, by reading books, and also by asking a lot of questions from my doctor, mother, elder sister, and friends. Everything I write here is not about what I have learned but about what actually worked best for me. 

If you like my blog please feel free to connect with me! I am available on direct messages on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Feel free to email me at 

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