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How to keep kids busy on road trips

Genius Ways to Keep Your children Busy on Road Trips

When you plan a road trip with a toddler, there are numerous things on your mind from feeding your child to his fashion, hygiene and disturbed daily schedule. All of these are no doubt important, however, there is one more item that I’d like to add to this list of important must-dos on a road trip. And that is entertaining your child in the car without the help of ipad/ tablet. 

The time when you are travelling from one place to another, is probably the toughest time for someone to keep your baby patient. Consider that time to reach your destination as an opportunity when your child is sitting and listening to you without moving. 

Here are few tricks to boggle your child’s mind, which will actually make him tired and sleepy, for a pretty long duration, and little satisfaction as mom for teaching him something.

1. Hang a toy on the grab handle of the car. 

Activity1: Ask questions about the animals and their sound. Let him touch the animals and repeat the names of all animals one by one along with their sounds. eg: where is dog or find animal which make sound like woef woef.

How do I entertain my children on a long car ride?

2. Pick an empty coffee cup for your kid

Activity1: Give this cup to your kid ask him to have a coffee with you and say cheers and let him pretend that he is drinking coffee with you.

Activity2: When you are done with your coffee, he would love to play with the empty glass. The shape, the colour and the texture will all be new to him, no matter, how many times he has seen them. Also teach him to pronounce the names after you.

3. Keep a napkin to play peek-a-boo

Activity: First take the napkin in your hands and do peek-a-boo few times and then pass it to him and respond to his peek-a-boos from your sun visor mirror. 

children’s road trip activities

4. Carry his favourite books, toys & snacks

Activity 1: Teach him from the book just like you do at home and hand it over to him and let him read and tell you.

Activity 2: Hand him his toy preferably which make some sound & light so that he can press the buttons and spend more time.

Activity 3: Let him enjoy his favourite snacks or biscuits.

Children’s favourite snacks and toys

5. Stop your car every 2 hours

Activity: Let him run around and do whatever he want to do and enjoy his energy level.

How do I keep my children happy in the car?

2 Bonus Tips:

TIP 1: Play few songs again and again so that he becomes familiar with that music and whenever this particular song is played in the car he will listen and recognise it and if you are lucky it will help him to fall asleep. I found his sleep song and it has always worked.

TIP 2: Always put a bib on your baby for long drives. You won’t have to stop immediately if he will spill water or snacks on himself. Be worry free!

At a more personal level, these activities have provided me with an opportunity to bond with my child, to expose him to learn and play with me from the comfort of a car and to understand what interests him most.

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