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Find time to exercise as new mom

6 ways to find time to get fit as new mom

After becoming a mother, working out and getting back into shape was the last thing on my mind until I met my physiotherapist. Things like sleepless nights which were added up to the chaotic life change along with 5 billion diaper changes a day and a constant fear of screwing up with my kid. But when she explained that postpartum recovery is best possible with workouts and a healthy diet. Which was difficult to digest being an Indian, since we are always taught, one cannot and must not get up from bed before completing 40 days after delivery. Honestly when my back pain got worse, I started paying attention on my body and mind, its when I decided no matter what I will recover.

People might wonder whether this involves difficult yoga poses? Slow and steady makes a mom fit 😉 I kicked off my workout routine by doing simple back exercises and regular walks. Gradually, I was not only feeling energised but also was in a better state to take care of my child.   Here is what and when I exactly did:

1. Mixing workout routine with his playtime. 

Make your child busy with his games like baby gym, jumper, swing or even let him sit on his high chair. Just stay around him he will get busy in playing his games. This way he will also learn to play alone. 

2. Walk with the baby in stroller 

Make frequent trips to garden or play area of kids, which might involve at-least 1 Km of walk.

Go for window shopping with the stroller. Where he will learn to keep calm and look around when you are busy looking at latest fashion trends.

Easy Way to Fit in Fitness As a New Mom

3. Working-out with friends

You can also plan to to workout with a friend at her place or your place, this way kids will enjoy each-other company. It really helps getting into a schedule, you can fix days and timing depending upon both of your availability. Eg: Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM you will go to your friends place with your little one.

4. Go with the flow and Play some music

Let your toddler see and try what you are doing. Involve him to exercise with you. You never know your exercises may become his latest dance steps. 

5. Let your husband take him for a walk

You can do your exercises in peace when both father and son are busy bonding with each other. This way child will learn to go out without you and start enjoying only his father’s company.

6. Run or crawl after Child

This is the best exercise, especially when your child is in the crawling stage. I think you are already doing this activity while feeding him, changing his clothes or during diaper change but always be careful with your back, avoid lifting him with jerks. 

Things I discovered on my workout journey: 

  1. Gynecologists recommend that postpartum women must get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, which comes out to about 20 minutes a day—but you don’t need to get it all in during one session. Few minutes here and there is also fine. Just do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes evening. 
  2. Practice exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor anytime during the day, even on the dinner table. You actually don’t need your yoga mat.  
  3. Execute your simple back exercises while lying down on the bed next your kid. 
This is how I managed to get fit post pregnancy

Motivational TIP: Being a mom I can imagine that morning time is the busiest time when we have to perform 100’s of tasks and then this lets us forget about the exercises. Just motivate yourself that you have the rest of the day and make use of evenings. If that is not manageable, then go out for a walk after dinner.  

Let’s be real—you aren’t going to be able to stick to your self-care health plan every day. And that’s ok. Before you start down a guilt spiral, forgive yourself, and start fresh tomorrow. 

There is no way to become a perfect mom but there are 1000 of ways to be a good mom. “Nurture yourself the same way you’d nurture your child if they were having a tough day.”


New mom exercise routine

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