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Quick Play Ideas for Working Parents

Playing is not only fun and activity to pass the time – it is also an important tool for learning. Through games, children learn how to interact with others and develop critical lifelong skills. Playing helps children to develop physical strength, emotional stability, social skills, creative skill, cognitive skills, and communication skills. Therefore, being parents it is our responsibility to provide them with proper teaching. According to my experiences playing is the best way to bond with the children.   

Here are my few inhouse play ideas which are created from waste material. Being a working mother I can’t make playtime a fancy one, but I make sure that my son is playing, exploring and learning important skills. 

Game 1: Cards Piggy Bank

Ingredients: Playing cards, shoebox, scissors/cutter and tape to lock the box.

How to prepare: Make a small cut on the shoebox of the width of the playing card and baby proof that cut with tape. 

Importance: This game is related to physical, emotional and cognitive skills.

How to play: Let your child put cards one by one into the piggy bank. 

Game 2: Egg Popsicle

Ingredients: Coloured ice cream popsicles, empty egg carton, and crayons

How to prepare: Turn egg carton upside down, color each block make sure not to use more than 4 colors, make space on each block to put popsicle. 

Importance: It is a fun and cute activity, which will teach children to identify the colors, develop motor skills and cognitive skills. 

How to play: Put egg-carton on the table, show that there is some color on it. Then handover the color popsicles and show that both the colors are matching and he can put the stick inside the hole.  

Game 3: Straw in Thread

Ingredients: Straw, thick thread/ shoelace, scissors, and tape

How to prepare: Cut straws into 3 parts, take a thick thread and wrap the tape around it so that the baby can pass it through the straw easily and at last make a knot on another side of the thread so that straw doesn’t come out. 

Importance: This game will improve his focus, stability and creativity. How to play: Show your child how to put a straw into the thread and then let him get creative with colors of straw.

How to play: Show your child how to put a straw into the thread and then let him get creative with colors of straw.

These ideas may not sound unique but they are worth trying. Simple and effective!! 

The agenda of activities I am performing is for sure to teach n entertain my boy. But not limited to my boy, I am sharing them here so that all my friends n their friends and their family and friends can take ideas and entertain their toddlers with these homemade games. 

These activities are done keeping in mind that we are busy moms we want to do a lot with our children but time is limited to spend energy in arranging stuff n creating homemade games. 

If you like my these simple game ideas do let me know to keep my motivation up!

Play activities with Children of 1 to 2 years

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