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Having a Baby in the Netherlands- The Kraamzorg

A week after I got to know that I am expecting, I started becoming curious about a lot of things and finally started calling my friends and later I found myself googling “What to prepare to have a baby in the Netherlands”. A lot of questions were going in my mind, like what is the right time to book kraamzorg and what exactly they will do, how my pregnancy shoot should look like, am I eating healthy food, what should I buy to welcome my baby with comfort. Suddenly I found myself completely involved in reading all stuff related to these questions. During that phase, I was hoping to have complete information from one trusted source. Therefore, I decided to share my experience and journey to make life easier for new moms planning to have a baby in the Netherlands. Let’s go slow one thing at a time. 

KRAAMZORG- Maternity care

It is maternity care for new mothers and babies. Means you will literally have someone at your house or hospital as a caretaker. And it’s not limited to care of mom and child, they also train new fathers to support the child independently while the mother is resting peacefully. Let me elaborate on their main tasks which are as follows:

  1. Keeping track of the baby’s growth, general health and
  2. Checking the mother’s recovery is also going well (they check for fever/signs of infection, look at the stitches, feel the uterus as it stretches back down to its original location).
  3. Training and making sure that a new father can handle daily tasks independently related to the baby.  
  4. Helping with cleaning, cooking, washing clothes and other household tasks   
  5. Pieces of advice related to best breastfeeding, best sitting posture, hygiene. 

Remember they are experts who can direct you towards professional help if needed. 

Procedure to book Kraamzorg

  1. Call Insurance
    1. Check the number of hours permitted by insurance
    2. Ask for nearby kraamzorg services
  2. Research Kraamzorg
    1. Ask friends 
    2. Check the review online 
  3. Contact Karmzorg
    1. Share details
    2. Discuss personal expectations like English speaking Nurse
  4. Intake meeting: They have a list of questions, it’s better if both parents-to-be can attend this meeting. You will receive some brochure and care forms which you will have to give to your nurse, she will fill your daily information in that book. During this meeting, they will share a number on which you will have to call to let them know your baby has arrived. 

I picked Kraamzorg De Waarden.

Kraamzorg- Procedure to have a baby in the Netherlands

My son was born at 1 AM, we reached home around 4 AM. We called them within 2 hours of my son’s birth and the next morning they were at my home.  we were overwhelmed with the experience of delivery and tiny baby, Totally unsure what to do and what not to, next morning Kraamzorg came and she made our life extremely easy for 8 days. Every morning we were so looking forward to seeing her.  She was the answer to all our questions.

Therefore, I suggest if you are planning your delivery in the Netherlands do opt for Kraamzorg service and make sure to book them at the beginning of your pregnancy.  If you want to know about Midwives and how they can help, please click here and get all information about having a baby in The Netherlands.

BOUNS: Download the list of maternity necessities.

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