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How I made meditation my daily habit as a mom

Do you realise deeply that the present moment is all you have?

Imagine if you start living without thinking of the future or without linking anything to the past. And make NOW the primary focus of your life. How exactly your life would be? 

Let me be honest my life became extremely easy with this practice. Now I am not bothered by the consequences of many things. For example, when my son is making a mess in front of people which is often not in my control, I don’t stress out anymore. I don’t even stress out when he is not eating well or when he gives me sleepless nights. I just try to live in that moment without considering consequences. Living in present and accepting whatever is coming my way which I can’t control is the key to a healthy mummy brain.

Let’s dig a little deeper, Our consciousness is fully captured by the brains and it takes us into a state of compulsive thinking which is the auto-pilot mode of our brain. Mindfulness separates consciousness from the mind and lets it shine. Thus we can have full control over our actions and reactions with the help of mindful practices
Meditation is about creating a pause, a break in the chaos of our day, to help us refocus our minds and keep calm in the midst of everyday busyness.

Meditation is about creating a pause, a break in the chaos of our day, to help us refocus our minds and keep calm in the midst of everyday busyness.

As a busy mom, I have figured out a few ways to practice meditation after I spent 6 weeks to train my brain. Basically, I have divided meditation into 2 Processes. Process one is training the mind to live in the current time by actually sitting in a meditative position. Process two is the art of practicing meditation anywhere in daily life. 

Process 1: How I learned to meditate every day in 6 Weeks

I added two reminders on my phone for six weeks at 07:30 in the morning and 22:30 hours just before going to bed. I was being more concerned to make this a habit as opposed to the quality of the session. Then I took the following steps: 

  1. Find A Quiet Spot
  2. Sit Comfortably, check if there is any tension in posture
  3. Start with deep breathing 4-7-8 Rule – 10 Times (1-4 Inhale, 1-7 pause, 1-8 exhale through the mouth)
  4. Feel The Breath Going In & Out
  5. Notice Thoughts That Arise and Observe those Thoughts
  6. Gently Return To Breath
  7. Aim to sit for At least 5 Minutes 
  8. Practice Everyday
  9. Practice and Progress 

It’s best if you can continue to practice meditation like this forever, but I know it’s practically difficult for moms, therefore, I am sharing my super simple meditation hacks for moms to calm the mind.

Process 2: Super Simple ways to practice Meditation in daily life

Once you have trained your mind to get into a meditative state, it means you are now familiar with this feeling. You can do it wherever you want. You just need to follow step 3 to step 8 from process 1 at the following places:

  1. While taking shower
  2. While Walking or pushing the stroller
  3. While breastfeeding
  4. While eating
  5. While sitting in the car/ train and looking around (not driving)

It’s very much possible to quite your thoughts while doing these activities and you will enjoy them more and more every time. View meditation as a journey rather than a goal. 

I practice meditation, mindfulness, and yoga in my routine. The secret to having an active and healthy lifestyle is in believing in the power of the present. In my next article, I will share the activities to practice mindfulness in daily life.


Realize deeply that the present moment is all you will ever have. 

Make the NOW the primary focus of your life. 

Tell me in the comments if you’re excited to start Meditation Practice?

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