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4 Best Indoor Playgrounds in the Netherlands

What is an indoor playground? Indoor playgrounds, also known as indoor play centers, are playgrounds located in the interior environment. They are specifically designed for kids to play in and have tremendous fun with. The soft-contained structure and play equipment are wrapped in soft foam to absorb the impact when children fall or bounce around.… Continue reading 4 Best Indoor Playgrounds in the Netherlands

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Activities for Screen-free Mealtime

Activities to make toddler eat without TV Ever heard this famous saying “prevention is better than cure”? This means it's easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. This is also true while you train food habits in your kids. Once your child knows that… Continue reading Activities for Screen-free Mealtime

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Quick Play Ideas for Working Parents

Playing is not only fun and activity to pass the time - it is also an important tool for learning. Through games, children learn how to interact with others and develop critical lifelong skills. Playing helps children to develop physical strength, emotional stability, social skills, creative skill, cognitive skills, and communication skills. Therefore, being parents… Continue reading Quick Play Ideas for Working Parents